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The Bears Den - 5/8/09


....where Bernard Malamud still doesn't do well with the ladies.

In The Den

Chicago Sun Times

Brad Biggs surmises that the Bears will no longer be a draft-driven team.

Biggs also makes a compelling argument for picking up FA TE Michael Gaines.

Speaking of Gaines, he's coming to Halas Hall on Monday to meet with the Bears.

As we brought you last night, Ron Turner is confident Forte will improve with a reduced workload.

ESPN analyst John Clayton has the Bears ranked 5th in his top 10 most impressive offseasons.

Chicago Tribune

Former Bears QB Bob Avellini was acquitted of drunk driving charges. This is the third time since 2005 he's been acquitted of such a charge. This is The Den's Apply Directly to the Forehead Award winner.

Supposedly, Johnny "Know" Knox has great upper-body strength.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere doesn't want Simeon Rice and thinks the Bears should steer clear. I wish I could get paid to write stories about things that have already been nixed.

Official Chicago Bears Website

Anthony Adams helped to raise awareness about heart disease in his native city of Detroit.