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Are Lovie Smith and Ron Turner Still on the Hot Seat?


At one point after last season, we said that the whole crew from Jerry Angelo down could be on their way out. Since then Angelo has brought in possibly the most talented and skilled QB this town has ever seen. He also has made attempts at other big name and available players like Anquan Boldin. I'm guessing that the Cutler deal saved Angelo at least for a few more years.

But what about Lovie and Ron? If the Bears don't win the NFC North or at least get to the playoffs, are they out of here? There are some big name coaches who would look good in Chicago Blue and Orange (Shannahan and Cower, anybody?). Now that we have Cutler, Chicago is a more attractive destination for them. Sure the boys upstairs would still have to put out the money, but save that for a later discussion.

Let's take this one step further. We all know Cutler is a big fan of Shanny and his Denver offensive coordinator. Could a bum season by the Bears see them reuniting in Chicago?

Since I can't attach two polls to the post, in the comment section let me know (money not an issue) if given your choice between Shanny and The Chin, who would you take?