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NightLink II: Toomer Not on Bears Radar?

This morning, WCG posted an article that revealed that the Chicago Bears had contacted Amani Toomer.  This afternoon, Vaughn McClure is saying that likely didn't happen.

According to a source, the Bears did not place the call to Toomer. The receiver's representation has, no doubt, called around the league measuring interest from different teams, including the Bears. The Bears might be intrigued, but they're not jumping at the opportunity.

Also in the article, Drew Rosenhouse twittled, or tweetered, that Anquan Boldin is still available for trade.  The Bears have a ton of young wide receivers, and a young QB to get them the football.  With a revamped OLine, and a solid running game, should the Bears even try to go out and make another free agency splash?