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The Bears Den - 6/1/09


....where we actively campaign to have the hardest-to-spell roster in the NFL.

In The Den

Izzy is excited to sign with the Bears for two more years.

Chicago Sun Times

With the Pisa signing, the Bears are at 80 players - the Bears will have to drop someone prior to training camp.

KC Joyner performed a study that looked at Jay Cutler vs. Brett Favre in 2008. This is a good read; don't miss it.

Chicago Tribune

Mike Singletary is using an old Bears training technique for his 49ers.

Instead of giving you a generic story on the Izzy signing, Vaughn McClure gets some quotes from Drew Rosenhaus, Marinelli, and Izzy himself.

McClure also runs down the busy day the Bears had last Friday.

Taking a look around the NFL, the Tribune writers surmise which defensive players are poised for a breakout season.

Ten things David Haugh knows.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere is very excited about the Pisa signing.

ESPN Chicago

Jerry Angelo has said that it all starts with the quarterback: Jeff Dickerson thinks much differently.