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NightLink: Minnesota to Run Wildcat?

Upon arriving at day two of Minnesota's training camp, Kevin Seifert saw something that caught his attention:

Rookie Percy Harvin was lined up as a shotgun quarterback.  Sage Rosenfels was split out wide. 

What?  Yep.  The Wildcat.

 There are several things about this that are worth discussing:

- Percy Harvin's proclivity for getting hurt.

- How Green Bay's 3-4 defense and Chicago's speed at linebacker will stack up against the Wildcat.

- Whether Chester Taylor would be dangerous in the WIldcat.

- Adrian Peterson getting less attention from defenses.

There have been discussions around these parts as to whether the WIldcat offense could have a future in the NFL, or if it is just a fad that will quickly get phased out.  Regardless, it looks like the Chicago Bears will possibly have a first-hand look at the reality of the Wildcat.  Thoughts?