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Cutler Boosts Bears Ratings


FOX Sports has run a list with the top orginizations in football.  The categories used were:

  •  Owner
  •  Front office
  •  Head coach
  •  Coaching staff
  •  Quarterback
  •  Offense
  •  Defense
  •  Intangibles
  • The Bears fall in at #15, bolstered by the Jay Cutler trade.


    15. Chicago Bears
    Final Score: 57.5

    Jay Cutler helped the Bears stock improve significantly. But before the blockbuster trade, the Chicago ownership could most certainly be described as frugal. Actually, Cutler raised the grade for quarterback (8.5), front office (6), owner (6), and intangibles (8) as the team's esteem is sky high after the Cutler deal.