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The Bears Den - 6/10/09

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....where receivers go to die (stop by anytime, Rashied).

In The Den

Another training camp darling emerges: Brandon Rideau. Larry Mayer waxes poetic on Rideau's "golden opportunity" to be a playmaker.

Chicago Sun Times

Ex-Bear Roland Harper avoided a prison sentence yesterday in a fraud scheme.

Brad Biggs discusses the Mike Brown to the Browns (aside: somewhat ironic) possibility.

Biggs also looks at the 2008 defensive backs on-the-field time.

The Bears brought in two more punters for workouts.

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom uses some backasswards logic to show why Lovie Smith deserves his #20 ranking.

The Bears and Tommie Harris are keeping an eye on his elderly knees.

"Brett Favre should come back" by Rick Morrissey. So, you bashed Cutler because he couldn't win the last three games of 2008. Yet you think Brett Favre is good after his lengthy fall in the 2nd half of the season? Go crawl back in your hole.


Kevin Seifert discusses the Cutler vs. Rodgers debate.

Lake Co

Rex Grossman is putting his Lake Forest house up for sale. Bout time.


As GB brought you last night, they believe the Bears need big-time production from Tommie Harris.

The Spread

An online sports betting website has the Bears' odds of winning the Super Bowl at 20/1.

USA Today

USA Today has a piece on how important franchise quarterbacks are, using Cutler as their main example.