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Is Garza a Lock at Right Gaurd?


The Bears have done a lot to improve the quality of starters and the depth on the offensive line, but one thing they haven't done is bring in anybody to compete with right tackle Roberto Garza.  The Bears have pointed out that Dan Buenning, who was aquired in a trade with Tampa Bay, could compete, but it has yet to be seen if he is being given the chance to win the job from Garza.

Here is a look at Matt Forte's performance running in each direction; it seems to support that Garza is doing fine.

Right side 102 carries, 405 yards, 4.0 average
Left side 95 carries, 314 yards, 3.3 average
Middle 60 carries, 286 yards, 4.8 average

There are other factors that can go into how these numbers can be massaged, but overall Garza seems to be holding his own.