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NightLink: Bears Leaving Bourbonnais After 2009?

Per this article, it appears the Chicago Bears may be looking for different options for their yearly training camp.  They have been holding camp in Bourbonnais since 2001, but sources say the team wants to move closer to Chicago.

The Bears have tried to hammer out a long-term agreement with Olivet Nazarene, but have ended up settling for short-term deals requiring annual negotiations that have grown contentious at times, one source said.

Apparently, Lewis University is an option.

Lewis University in Romeoville is one option the team is said to be considering, with a meeting scheduled next week between school representatives and a Bears group that includes team president Ted Phillips, financial guru Cliff Stein and Brian McCaskey.

ONU spokesperson Gary Griffin says that an ending date for this summer's camp is an issue.

According to Griffin, at issue currently is the ending date for this summer's camp. The contract permits the Bears to be on campus through Aug. 21. ONU will have 2,500 students moving in on the next day for the school year. Griffin said the school has asked the Bears to leave a day earlier on Aug. 20. Camp is starting later because kickoff Sunday for the NFL season is not until Sept. 13. The NFL mandates that the season not start until the week after Labor Day, and Labor Day is Sept. 7 this year. Consequently, the Bears are opening camp a full week later than they did last summer.

"There is no controversy here,'' Griffin said. "There is a logistical problem. Both sides are trying to find a solution"

What are your feelings of a potential move for future training camps?