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The Weekend Bears Den - 6/13/09



....where training camp can't come soon enough.

Associated Press

Kyle Orton was named the Broncos starting QB.

Some of the Bears rookies worked with kids at a youth camp on Friday.

Chicago Sun Times

Jay Cutler is taking the criticism in stride.

Cutler also took a grilling from some kids at the La Rabida Children's Hospital in Chicago.

Kevin Allen breaks down the Bears' Madden ratings.

Chicago Tribune

David Haugh outlines the next move for the Bears to get Plax.

Larry Foote went from the Super Bowl-winning Steelers to the lowly Lions.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson comments on the Plaxico debate.

Dickerson also puts forth a case for Drew Bennett.

Here is the Chicago Bears rookie stock market report.

The Spread

The odds for the Bears to win the NFC North, the NFC championship, and the Super Bowl.

Windy City Gridiron

Smudger's post on the NFC North Madden 2010 ratings.