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Hester Only Has Eyes for Cutler


For the Bears to have success this year in the passing game, Jay Cutler must quickly develop chemistry with his offensive weapons.  OC Ron Turner is working to make sure that happens. least two of the Bears' top four receivers are on the field every time Cutler throws a pass. One or both of the tight-end tandem of Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark also must be on the field when Cutler throws. Ideally, one of the two running backs, Matt Forte or Kevin Jones, also must be on the field.

But Bears #1 receiver Devin Hester gets the special treatment.  He does not take a single throw from any quarterback other than Cutler.  A lot is being placed on the shoulders of Hester.  Even with Bennett looking good so far and Johnny Knox looking to be a breakout this year, Hester is going to be the man and he must have a good chemistry with Cutler.