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NightLink: Legal Timetable for Plax Changing

Plaxico Burress might not play in 2009. That's the word from Jeff Dickerson:


The New York Daily News is reporting a Manhattan grand jury will hear the case against Burress next month. This could change the legal timetable for Burress, possibly allowing for a trial in 2009.


Yet another timeline that NFL teams have to wait for. If there was a slight chance of Jerry Angelo being interested in Plax, consider that gone. At this point, Jerry would be stupid to get Plaxico until the findings from next month's hearing are revealed. If his trial is held in 2009, Jerry has to avoid him and either stick with our current guys or sign a training camp casualty.

At this point, I'm sick of this circus. I want Plax to go to trial and get it over with. This is turning into another version of Favre-O-Rama.