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The Bears Den - 6/19/09



....where we're excited the weekend is almost here.

In The Den

The Bears are satisfied with their current crop of WR's.

The Romeoville mayor is pushing the Bears to look at the Lewis University site for their future training camps.

Chicago Sun Times

The safety position seems to clear up a bit and Hanie is right in line to be the Bears' #2 QB.

Brad Biggs' overall OTA thoughts.

Lovie seems really happy this offseason....don't know why.

Chicago Tribune

Remember when the Sporting News ranked Lovie #20? They made up for it: Orlando Pace is on their cover.

Speaking of remembering, there was that story about Cutler texting Burress near draft time. Turns out it wasn't true and Plax lied.

Chicago suspends the plan to tax Bears season ticket licenses.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere wonders if Plax and Brandon Marshall are worth the hassle.

Trumaine McBride had a successful last OTA against Cutler. Cutler wasn't happy about it, either. I love seeing that fire from a Bears QB.

ESPN Chicago

Lovie's feelings about the Bears after their OTA on Wednesday.