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Marcus Freeman Diary Entry #2

Last week, we found out that Marcus Freeman would be writing a weekly diary for the Bears official site.  You can read the first submission here.

Now we have the second submission, where he talks about OTAs, Special Teams, and how he is learning the system.

I’m learning both outside linebacker positions, the Will and the Sam. But if you can learn all three spots, it makes you a more versatile linebacker. If somebody goes down in the middle and the coach feels like he can put you in the middle, it makes you a more valuable football player.

When you listen to coach [Dave] Toub speak about the schemes and what makes this team successful on special teams, they do the little things here that make them better than the rest of the NFL.  I’m learning more in these first couple days about technique than I’ve ever learned.

It’s something that’s stressed here. It’s not something that’s looked as a burden at all, like "Oh man, I’ve got to play special teams." You look at it like "I get a chance to play special teams for the Bears."

Sounds like the 5th round pick out of Ohio State has his head in the right place, and understands what it takes to be a Chicago Bear.  I am looking forward to seeing how he continues developing into an NFL linebacker.