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The Best and Worst Moves of the Offseason

Tom Curran from NBC detailed his best and worst moves of the 2009 offseason. These types of articles are hit-or-miss; some writers do a very good job and some do a bad job. I'll give you his list and my thoughts after the jump.

Best Moves:

Jets go get Sanchez
Cowboys ditch TO
Broncos deal Cutler
Chiefs steal Cassel
Falcons get Gonzalez
Giants load up on 'D'
Bengals get Palmer a target
Broncos add some punch
Eagles boost the offense
Haynesworth heads to D.C.

Worst Moves:

Stafford goes No. 1
Bills sign TO
Boys keep Wade
Redskins anger Campbell
Broncos, Bucs miss out (Cassel)
Bucs pay up for Winslow
Raiders reach in draft
Pats give away Cassel
Vikings play footsie with Favre
Browns hire Mangini

I feel mixed about some of these. In the best category, Jets go get Sanchez, Bengals get Palmer a target, Broncos add some punch, and Haynesworth heads to D.C. Sanchez to the Jets was a solid move, but he's also projecting that Mark Sanchez will be a stud, and there are numerous questions about that. The Bengals got Laverneus Coles, not a "best move" in my eyes. The Broncos adding Brian Dawkins (old) and Haynesworth to D.C. (too expensive and seems to play his best in contract years).

In the worst category, I disagree with the Stafford pick. Minus Jason Smith, there was really no other solid pick. The Lions were abysmal at QB and needed a franchise guy installed ASAP. Stafford has the tools to succeed and time will tell if it was a bad one.