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Weekly Musings from a Reflective Blogger

This week, I discuss the long-term strategy of the Bears, our backup QB situation, Roger Goodell's punishment system, ranking 670 The Score's personalities, and the Cretin of the Week.

Let's get to it.

Long-Term Strategy

This past week, members on this blog argued and bantered about getting a wide receiver to pair with Jay Cutler. On Thursday, Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein had a message for those people with one word: Chill. Their theory was that we now have a long-term solution at the quarterback position, thus we can fill in our holes when we need to. Our window for winning a championship, in their eyes, is and will remain wide open. I agree with their sentiment for the remainder of this offseason and next season, but we'll need to get some talent infused after that.

When I was brainstorming this week's column, I talked with GeauxBears on B&B's principle. He agreed, saying that we have a great QB, RB, TE's, and young talent at the WR position. He's spot on IMO minus the WR assessment. I'm not willing to say that we have talent at that position quite yet. Once they show it on the field, I'll crown them.

Legitimate options to make the final 53-man roster:

1) Devin Hester

2) Earl Bennett

3) Juaquin Iglesias

4) Johnny Knox

5) Rashied Davis

6) Derek Kinder??

7) Brandon Rideau??

I'm not sold on that lineup.

However, B&B went on to say that we don't need a WR this year to be successful. I believe that to be correct. No need to mortgage the future when the future looks brighter than ever at this point. Will Cutler and Co. be OK this year? Absolutely. We will have a better offensive line than last year, a stud RB with his backup ready to go, and two good TE's. However, I'm giving this crew a free pass this next season to see how they perform. If they're better than expected, we can focus on more pressing needs next offseason (such as free safety). If not, we can bang the drum for a better WR next offseason.

I have a request for the MSM and all of you: Let's not get too excited about the OTA or training camp studs this year, please. I know Johnny Knox was Stud OTA Player of 2009, but I'd rather see these guys put up numbers on the field. After going through the Earl Bennett saga last summer, I'd rather not go through it again.

The Backup QB Situation

I know we've had this chat in the past, but there's no better time to bring it up.

It looks as though Caleb Hanie and Brett Basanez will be the backup QB's in 2009. Are you satisfied with that?

Personally, I liked what I saw from Hanie last preseason. I realize it's preseason, but he looked to possess good intangibles. I'm not saying that he's going to be a stud if Cutler goes down, but let's at least see how he performs in preseason before we start clamoring for a new backup QB.

Goodell's Punishment System

Donte' Stallworth has been suspended by the NFL indefinitely. It's not really a big surprise, considering that Goodell was hellbent on cleaning up the NFL's image.

I don't want to get into the legal arguments that have been made around NFL circles regarding Stallworth. However, do you see him being reinstated to the NFL? I could see it after a year or two, but not before then. Stallworth settled with the victim's family before sentencing occurred, but that's not enough to rush him back into the league in my eyes. Plus, the guy's going to be a wee bit busy with the two year's house arrest and eight years of probation on top of 1000 hours of community service he must perform.

670 The Score: Ranking the Personalities

In one of my past columns, I ranked some of the MSM reporters who follow the Bears. This is more of a general ranking, but I wanted to get your thoughts on your favorite Score personalities.

Daily Lineup:

1. Boers and Bernstein

I know, I know, they're both pompous jackasses. However, a majority of the time, they're dead-on. Their style of crude and rather discriminatory behavior may reek childish to some, but I like their edginess. In this age of PC, it's somewhat refreshing to see them taking advantage of it. Makes for good comedy if nothing else.

2. Mully and Hanley

I like Mully and Hanley because a) I listen to them everyday when I really don't want to be working and b) they bring some interesting discussions to the table. They're not always right, but they're solid enough to warrant a #2 spot from me.

3. The Danny Mac Show

Yeesh....what a disaster. That was the first thing I thought of when reflecting on their first week back at The Score. Matt Spiegel seems pretty intelligent, but his constant music talk put me to sleep rather quickly. I wanted Dan McNeil to show his past edge, but it's not to be found. Here's hoping they get into a rhythm quickly, otherwise history will show this as an awful move by Mitch Rosen and The Score's executives.


1. Laurence Holmes - A little goofy, but he's a knowledgeable Bears guy, so he's up at #1.

2. Jason Goff/Matt Abbatacola - The producers of the B&B show should truly have their own show. They are knowledgeable, funny, and not as self-righteous as B&B.

Maybe I'm the only Score guy floating around this blog, but if you do tune in, what do your rankings look like?

Cretin of the Week


This week's award goes to Chad Ochocinco.

Why? He predicted that the Bengals would go to the playoffs this year. Every summer, Chad always seems to make the news, whether he's proclaiming that he's going to calm down or he's going to have a record-setting season. Chad, just stop. Perform on the field first before you open your mouth.