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The Bears Den - 6/22/09


....where we're comfortable in any jeans that Brett Favre doesn't support.

In The Den

Jay Cutler wants to prove his maturity and leadership on the field in 2009.

Chicago Sun Times

Despite being injured constantly, Charles Tillman is hoping to have an injury-free and successful 2009 campaign.

Chicago Tribune

Peter Warrick is hoping to catch on with an NFL team this year; good article.

KC coach Todd Haley made his players lose a lot of weight.

Jarrett Payton on his dad: "He would be so proud"

Former players rave about DC Rod Marinelli.

The Cleveland Browns are going to use a version of the Bears '46' defense.

ESPN Chicago

Adam Archuleta was drafted by the Las Vegas UFL team last Thursday.

Here's Ron Turner on the state of his offense; don't miss it.

Pro Football Weekly

PFW details every team's offseason transactions....good refresher during a dead time.

Suffolk News-Herald

Dennis Conley, an undrafted FA offensive guard signing for the Bears, talks about his experience thus far.