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All-Decade Defense: Urlacher Gets Featured

It's the time of year when many websites are running their Top-10 Lists, coaches rankings, etc., and ESPN will have a similar feature this week.  Even though we still have one year left in this decade, they are doing a daily installment of their "All-Decade" lists.

Today, they have pieced together their All-Decade DefenseBrian Urlacher gets the nod in the Linebacker department.

Linebackers Derrick Brooks, Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher: Brooks has started 16 games in each of the last 13 seasons. He has 17

interceptions this decade. Brooks, released by Tampa Bay in the offseason, brought exceptional quickness to the position even late in his career.

Lewis and Chicago's Urlacher are sluggers by comparison.

At his best, the 260-pound Urlacher was athletic enough to play the deep middle in coverage, yet strong enough to punish receivers and running backs on underneath plays.

According to the article, Urlacher edged out Zach Thomas.  Thomas has had a great career, but in my opinion, there is really no question that Urlacher would win that battle every time.

The rest of the All-Decade Defense is:

DE: Michael Strahan, N.Y. Giants,
DT: Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay/Oakland
DT: Kris Jenkins, Carolina/N.Y. Jets
DE: Jason Taylor, Miami/Washington
LB: Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay
LB: Ray Lewis, Baltimore
LB: Brian Urlacher, Chicago
CB: Champ Bailey, Washington/Denver
CB: Troy Vincent: Phil./Mia./Buff./Wash.
S: Ed Reed, Baltimore
S: Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh

Did ESPN get this right?  Would you replace any of these names with someone else?