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NightLink: The Toughness of Olin Kreutz

Olin Kreutz's name has come up a few times in recent months, and typically always in the same context:  team leader, enforcer, tough guy.  Kreutz has been the anchor of the Chicago Bears line for more than a decade, and his presence always precedes him. 

We have discussed whether to bring in a wide receiver with a sketchy past... Kreutz would put him in his place.  We talked about Cutler's antics in Denver... that's okay, Kreutz will whip him into shape in Chicago.

And today, we saw Kreutz featured on ESPN's All-Decade Offense.  All of this talk reminded me of a "situation" that occurred in 2005 between Kreutz and Fred Miller.  Here is an excerpt from an article I found:

Kreutz and Miller were having some fun in November 2005, shooting at an FBI firing range, when the fun took a bad turn. After the shooting, they had some drinks and barbeque. What kind of FBI firing range allows men to drink and eat on the property? Good question. Ask someone else. Me, I'm still trying to figure out how Olin Kreutz beat the crap out of Fred Miller, and did it so thoroughly that it was Miller who ended up apologizing afterward.

Be sure to check out the full article... it is a great read.