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The Bears Den - 6/24/09


....where you don't deserve a funny one-liner today..

In The Den

Marcus Freeman's latest installment of his weekly diary.

Chicago Tribune

For those of you who are interested in the recent Webio collapse, here's an interview transcript between David Hernandez, Mike North, and Dan Jiggetts.

Devin Hester has a message to those who question Cutler's leadership without being around him: Shut up.

ESPN Chicago

Is Devin Hester a #1 receiver? Jeff Dickerson breaks it down.

The summer fantasy football breakdown of the Bears.


I'm fairly certain the state of Virginia just got Internet access. Why? Tom Robinson is writing a story about Cutler's ego and what else he brings to the Bears.

Way Outside NFL Football

In Game 2 of the College World Series, the Texas Longhorns rode the arm of Taylor Jungmann to a 5-1 win over LSU. Game 3 starts tonight at 6 PM.