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NightLink: Freeney Endorses Dent

Many of us remain puzzled at the fact that Chicago Bears great Richard Dent has been bypassed several times for enshrinement into the NFL Hall of Fame.  Dent recently got endorsed from another defensive powerhouse, Indianapolis Colts' Dwight Freeney

If enough people make enough noise, eventually Dent will get the nod.  Until then,  guess it is just an unnecessary waiting game.  Freeney on Dent:

"I grew up a Giants fan, but Richard Dent made me respect the Bears," Freeney wrote. "He was a dominant force on one of the most dominant defenses in the history of the NFL. When you think of the 1985 Bears defense, you think of two men: Mike Singletary and Richard Dent.

"And his stats speak for themselves. He had 137.5 sacks as a defensive end. The benchmark is 100. That’s like hitting 500 home runs in baseball. And everyone knows it’s not easy to play for a long time in this physical league, but he played for 15 seasons at a very high level."

How long before Dent gets voted in?