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The Bears Den - 6/25/09


....where fans wake up every day to the sobering reality that it’s still not football season yet.

In The Den

Colts DE Dwight Freeney promoted Richard Dent for the Pro Football HOF.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson's Stock Up and Stock Down.

Charles Tillman has nothing but good things to say about Mike Brown.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Memories of Walter Payton are still strong ten years after his death.

Gambling 911

The Bears and Broncos 2009 Super Bowl odds.

KDH News

Juaquin Iglesias visited the Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas recently.

USA Today

Overplaying another topic: Marshall to the Bears?

Way Outside NFL Football

LSU powered their way over Texas to an 11-4 victory in Game 3 of the CWS. Congrats to LSU on their 6th national title.