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NightLink: Playoff Plan Rejected By BCS

Nothing going on in Bearsland today, but I did come across a football article that might be worth talking about.  Yesterday, the BCS Presidential Oversite Committee rejected a plan for a collegiate playoff system suggested by the Mountain West Conference. 

Not a huge surprise, considering money is the obvious (but rarely stated) reason of keeping the current bowl system in place.  I don't know if a playoff system can be created that could bring in the kind of money that would be needed, but I'm no expert by any means.

"There was no overall support for the proposal, although some conferences were interested in considering certain elements of it in the future -- particularly those related to revenue, access and governance of the BCS arrangement," said University of Oregon president David Frohnmayer, the outgoing committee chairman.

From an avid football fan's perspective, I love watching the bowl games, but I also hate how many seemingly deserving teams get passed on when post-season gets underway.

What are your thoughts on the BCS vs. playoff system?