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Worthless "Top 50 Players" List: No Bears, Packers, or Lions

Let me start out by saying that I have never heard of Pete Prisco, senior writer at, and if I have ever read any of his articles, I have no idea.  Let me also say that everyone is equally entitled to their own opinions, especially when trying to objectively put together a "rankings" article.

Now, let's get to this bozo's Top 50 NFL Players article.

You will scan my annual list of the top 50 NFL players in hopes of finding your favorite players, and then it will happen, coming on like a bad cold.

The rage will fill your entire body, the heat building inside like a small inferno. You will curse. You will use my name in vain.

You will hate me.

You will wonder how I got my job. You will wonder if my father is the head of CBS. And then you will vent.

I'm ready. Give it to me, because unlike a lot of scouts and football writers, I stand by my convictions.

Go ahead and peruse the list... you will find that he made a good case for some of his picks, and made terrible assessments of others.  But what blew my mind was that the NFC North only had 4 players on his list, and they were all Vikings.

If I were to try and objectively put together a list like this, there is no way I could do it without giving some players from the Bears, Packers, and Lions any nods.  I mean seriously, how did he leave off names like Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs?  And Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson?  Bueller?  Bueller?

What do you think of his list?  Any players from the NFC North you would have added?