Devin Hester - Over / Under


On Jeff Dickerson's June 23rd blog on ESPN Chicago he writes about some time he spent on the "Waddle and Silvy" show last week when the three of them came up with an over / under for Devin Hester's receiving stats for 2009. I'm already on record as saying I think Hester will get about 70 catches for 1000+ yards, so their over / under intrigued me.

Here's the over / under they set for Hester:

65 receptions, 1000 yards, 6 touchdowns

OK... I'll take the over, the over, and the over. Hypothetically speaking of course, gambling is illegal! I just think Jay Cutler has the arm to put Hester in positions to make plays. Not to knock on Kyle Orton, but he didn't have the zip on his passes like Cutler and DB's were able to get on the receivers quicker. With Cutler's arm strength those little zero routes to Devin should give him more room to operate, the deep balls Orton couldn't connect on will find Devin's hands more often, and the crossing patterns will hit Hester in stride allowing him to outrun the defense.

What does everyone think? Do you like the over or the under? Do you like some of the overs or all the unders?

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