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QB Depth in the NFL


It has been discussed a few times in the last couple of months... which NFL team has the best group of QBs?  Certainly, only ranking the starting QBs would be a tough enough task, but to attempt to rank teams based on the starter + back-ups?  Well, I found an article that does just that (or attempts to nonetheless), and I'll leave it up to you to decide how close it would stack up against your rankings.

Our beloved Chicago Bears QBs come in at number 19.

Jay Cutler
Caleb Hanie
Brett Basanez

Well, at least now the Bears finally have one legitimate, top-shelf QB. They just may not have anyone behind him if Cutler ever gets hurt. First, how good is Cutler? Critics point to his offseason pouting in Denver, his 18 interceptions in 2008 and fact that he's never led a team to the playoffs. But he did have a horrible defense in Denver, which on paper the Bears should be an improvement. But Caleb Hanie and Brett Basanez as backups? Chicago's front office should be ashamed to head into the season with no proven backup.