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NightLink: Larry Mayer Predicts Starters


 Of course, it is too early to effectively try and predict who will fill the starting positions in the upcoming season, but if there is anyone who has insight to such matters, it is Larry Mayer.  Training camp will will answer a lot of questions, and I'm sure that even Larry's opinion will change come August, but here is a look at what he thinks right now:


Jay Cutler at quarterback,

Matt Forte at running back,

Jason McKie at fullback,

Devin Hester and Earl Bennett at wide receiver,

Desmond Clark at tight end,

Orlando Pace at left tackle,

Frank Omiyale at left guard,

Olin Kreutz at center,

Roberto Garza at right guard, 

Chris Williams at right tackle.

I’m sure some people will wonder why I haven’t included Greg Olsen as a starter, but Clark and Olsen are basically co-starters at the tight end position. Both are on the field quite a bit, and they’re often out there together in two tight-end formations.


Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye at defensive end,

Tommie Harris and Anthony Adams at defensive tackle,

Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and Pisa Tinoisamoa at linebacker,

Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher at cornerback,

Kevin Payne and Craig Steltz at safety.

The one prediction that’s a toss-up to me is at free safety, where Corey Graham very easily could start ahead of Steltz.

If this is indeed how the starting lineup will look come regular season, how would you feel about it?  What would be the weakest links?