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Defensive Coordinators Rankings: Bob Babich


To follow up on the post about the top-20 Offensive Coordinators, here we bring you the top-20 Defensive Coordinators.  This one may have been a bit tricky, considering Bob Babich is still our DC, but has been relegated to essentially our LBs coach.  Lovie Smith will be taking over the defensive play calling duties, but is technically not our DC.

Considering there isn't much going on in the world of the Chicago Bears and Halas Hall today, let's take a look at the top-20 Defensive Coordinators, according to Sporting News.

Before we jump, where do you think Babich falls?

If you said "Babich will not be in the top-20", then you are most definitely correct.  But, if you are wondering, Ron Rivera came in at number 14.

14. Ron Rivera, Chargers. He has experience coaching the 4-3, the Tampa-2 and now the 3-4 scheme. Although the Chargers will remain a 3-4 front, Rivera incorporates aspects of the other schemes. That means more aggressive play-calling in terms of blitzes and letting Shawne Merriman loose behind a more talented defensive front.


It is also worth noting that two NFC North DCs made the top-5:

3. Leslie Frazier, Vikings. He has the horses up front to send a nice pressure package at quarterbacks, and he likes to play some mixed zones behind it with cornerback Antoine Winfield more often in press coverage. With DE Jared Allen joining the team last year, the blitz package is a thing of the past, though it could return if the Williams Wall misses significant time.

5. Dom Capers, Packers. He is a diehard believer in the 3-4 defense. We wonder whether Green Bay has the pieces to make the change in '09. Capers knows the scheme inside and out and has been through the transition before. He can guide players like Aaron Kampman, A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett through struggles