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The Bears Den - 6/30/09


....where mention of Favre, Marshall, and Burress will continue as long as there's nothing else to talk about.

In The Den

Tickets for the August 8th Family Day at Soldier Field are now on sale.

Chicago Now

This author beats the Burress horse beyond death. 

Chicago Press Release

Here's a wrap-up on the Northern Illinois Food Bank's "Strike Out Hunger" campaign. They partnered with the Chicago Bears and turned out to be a huge success. 

ESPN Chicago

A day late and a dollar short: Jeff Dickerson writes on the ridiculous Prisco rankings that GB brought you on Friday.

Suburban Chicago News

The Bears' Youth Football Camps always seem to be a big hit. Here's some info on where to find one in your area.

The Brownsville Herald

Here's a hint to the editors of this newspaper: If you're going to comment on what an NFL player is doing (good or bad), just make sure to get his name right.