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NightLink: Hester in Wildcat, and Dvoracek's Job Safe?


Devin Hester has shown that he is a viable threat to score every time he touches the football, and the Bears paid him handsomely for his talent.  We have discussed previously different ways that Hester could be utilized on offense, and many of you mentioned the Wildcat offense.  Could we see more of that?

Maybe, considering Jay Cutler single-handedly brings a few extra dimensions to our offense.  We will be able to be more creative with our playcalling, and certainly will try and get the ball into Hester's hands as much as possible.

Larry Mayer:

Given Devin Hester’s rare athletic ability, I’d say the possibilities are endless in terms of how he could be utilized on offense. I know that last season he lined up inside and outside and also ran one play out of the Wildcat formation, taking a direct snap and running for 12 yards in a win over the St. Louis Rams. I’m sure we can expect more of the same this year.

Mayer also discusses whether Dusty Dvoracek is "on the bubble" this season, as many of you expect that he is.

I don’t see Dusty Dvoracek as being on the bubble this summer. To me, though, it is a make-or-break year for him. He’s ended the past three seasons on injured reserve and must prove to the Bears that he can remain healthy. In addition, he’s entering the final year of his contract. Personally, I expect Dvoracek to be a key contributor as part of the defensive line rotation. He has recovered from the biceps injury that forced him to miss the final four games last year and is working as hard as ever. Players are officially off until training camp, but I spotted Dvoracek busting his butt lifting weights this morning at Halas Hall.

I don't know which way the Bears are leaning with Dvoracek, but I would have to think that if they are struggling with the final 53 man roster, Dusty's name would certainly have to come up.