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The Bears Den - 6/4/09

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 ....where we're excited to have Dan McNeil back at 670 The Score; a Happy Birthday to Acreman20!

In The Den

The Bears have a new online store where you can purchase the "Jay's our quarterback" T-shirt.

Jerry answers some fan's e-mails regarding Cutler, Tommie Harris, and others.

Chicago Tribune

Surprise ahead: Tommie Harris was out of drills during yesterday's OTA.

Cutler is still impressing teammates with his laser-rocket arm.

Ron Turner isn't worried about Matt Forte's injury. I sure hope it's nothing to worry about.

As GB brought you last night, Tony Dungy questioned the Bears acquisition of Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler and Devin Hester seem to be in sync already.

Daily Herald

Athlon Sports has picked the Bears to be the 2009 NFC North Champions.

Fan IQ

This is an obsessed Bears fan; at least his bright idea was creative. Don't miss this story.

Fort Mill Times

LTP is fitting in with his new teammates.