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Who Brought This Back Up? Oh, Wait... It Was Bears Players

How many people have brought this up? How many people have shot this idea down? And how many people actually think it could happen? Yes, the Plaxico Burress to the Bears idea is steadily trucking along. We have berated the sports writers who continually stir up dust on the subject, but it seems that Plaxico has more supporters in Chicago than originally thought.


Who are the lastest folks to raise the topic? Why, our very own players.

The story about Jay Cutler lobbying for Burress was quickly forgotten... it happened only days after the quarterback arrived in Chicago, and was lost in the whirl-wind of stories from the media.

Now though, we can hear what Devin Hester's thoughts are.

''I feel pretty comfortable with what we have here right now," Hester said. ''If we added Plaxico Burress, that's only going to build confidence even more. Why wouldn't he help us?''

''So far they have been making the right decisions on the guys they have been picking, so I am hopeful whatever they do works,'' Hester said. ''It's been a heck of an offseason so far. We're shooting for the Super Bowl.''

And Alex Brown:

''I have played here all my career so I don't know the standard anywhere else but the standard here is set and it's not going to change for anybody,'' defensive end Alex Brown said. ''If he comes here, then he'll have to do what we do and live up to those standards. Plax, hey, who wouldn't want that guy on their team? He's a great player.''

And Desmond Clark:

''Talent is talent,'' Clark said. ''But the one thing you don't want are bad guys. Just from people I talk to, everybody says he is a really, really good guy.''

''From everything I know, he just made a couple stupid mistakes. That doesn't make him a bad guy. If he was to come here, we would welcome him. Why wouldn't we?''

We all know that Plaxico's future has still not been determined. We all know about his legal troubles. And none of us know the outcome that will happen. But it does seem peculiar that so many Bears players are being outspoken right now, especially coming the day after Jerry Angelo stated that the door remains open for acquiring a WR.