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The Bears Den - 6/5/09



....where we love our team as much as we hate our offensive and defensive coordinators.

In The Den

Devin Hester is hoping to show off his game-breaking ability this year.

Here are some photos of Thursday's OTA.

Chicago Sun Times

Brad Biggs writes that LTP chose the Bears so he could be on a winning squad.

The Bears are considering practice jersey patches. Looking forward to seeing who wins this battle.

Chicago Tribune

Hester is open to the Bears adding another veteran WR.

LTP is going to make $1 million this year.

Daily Herald

In the latest of seemingly endless LTP posts, Bob LeGere writes that LTP is happy to be a Bear. Here's a message for the MSM: tell us when he's not happy.

Jamar Williams is making some solid progress throughout this offseason.

Bob LeGere reports that Johnny Knox is impressing a lot of folks with his sticky hands. I sense that Knox is going to be the Earl Bennett Training Camp All-World Player.

Supposedly, three top rugby players were invited by Under Armour to one of the Bears practices this week. File this in the "weird" category.