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Urlacher is a Rockstar and Pisa is His Screaming Groupie


Urlacher is still the man in Chicago, but I had no idea that he could cause other players to swoon.  While browsing the official site for some new content I came across this story about Pisa Tinoisamoa and being accepted in Chicago.  Most of it was standard "I love it here", "They've treated me great" stuff, but there was also this little tidbit.

"I wasn’t really sure how I’d be embraced, but they’ve been totally cool," Tinoisamoa said. "I’m familiar with Lance—we came out [of college] the same year—but Brian, when I came to my visit he said [hello] to me and he knew my name, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s Brian Urlacher. He called me by my first name.’"

Tinoisamoa is a 6 year man, its not like he's never met Uralcher.  The Bears and the Rams have played a few times in the last few years, I'm sure Urlacher is familiar with the linebackers on the the other teams.  Maybe Pisa is just overdoing it a bit to get on his good side.