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Weekly Musings from an Irritated Blogger (6/8)

This week, it's all about the mainstream media. I have a piece on Rick Morrissey, the LTP love, ranking the top football reporters in Chicago, and the Cretin of the Week.

Let's get on with it, shall we? 

Rick Morrissey: Resident Tribune Blowhard

Rick Morrissey is a terrible sportswriter. He is eloquent at times, but even the most erudite writing cannot erase the stench of horrible and backwards logic. This may seem like an easy rant that fills some space on a webpage, but follow me here.

I am citing two of Rick's articles: An article written on 4/3 and the most recent one written on June 5.

They mean that the concerns I and several others raised before and after the Bears traded for Cutler didn't come out of nowhere. They're not a figment of someone's imagination. The way he handled himself when he wanted out of Denver is just one example of someone who might be a bit too preoccupied with himself. He went into a profound sulk when he found out the new Broncos coach had eyes for another quarterback. (6/5)

Rick, what has Jay done in Chicago that raises red flags in your head? He was spotted enjoying a few adult beverages? News flash: Athletes do that. He didn't sign an autograph for a fan at Wrigley? You're right, athletes should be available to anyone at all times. He hasn't done anything in Chicago that is worrisome. He hasn't missed one day of voluntary workouts. I put voluntary in bold face so you fully understand what he's doing. Stop resting on his past behavior and turn the page. Why aren't you writing about other athletes who have done horrible things? Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Al Afalava, I could go on. Why aren't there any articles about their maturity level?

But I'll say it until I'm navy blue in the face: The Bears need wide receivers, not a quarterback. It's why some of us were willing to put up with Terrell Owens. Putting up with Cutler doesn't sound fun or necessary. (4/3)

Yeah, who would want to put up with a quarterback who can toss the ball longer than 15 yards? I'd rather get my nails pulled out with a rusty pair of needle-nosed pliers. And who was excited, minus you, of getting TO? I sure wasn't excited, and I'm sure most people weren't either. I'm not going to discuss the obvious point of the QB vs. WR argument.

Know what you're getting -- a 26-year-old athlete who doesn't yet possess the leadership skills you would like in a quarterback. It doesn't mean he won't acquire them or that he won't grow up. It means a bona fide star would not have played poorly in the final three games last season, causing his team to miss the playoffs. That happened to Cutler and the Broncos last year. (6/5)

Uh....Rex and Kyle both had three-game streaks similar to Cutler's. Again, where are the articles about them?

If Cutler grows up and the team finds a decent wide receiver, the Bears will win 10 games in 2009. If he doesn't, they will be no better off and possibly worse than what they were with Kyle Orton, who went to Denver in the Cutler deal. I'm choosing to be optimistic in that regard. (6/5)

Rick, I agree that we need better receivers. However, you seem to be backing off your WR comment in the 4/3 story. Regardless if the Bears don't get another legitimate wide receiver, the Bears will win 10 games. And second, even if Cutler throws a hissy fit at some point in the season, we will not be worse off than we were with Orton.

Look, I know you feel the need to be "above the fray" and not being excited about Cutler is well within your right. However, give credit where credit is due. You wrote before the Cutler trade that Jerry Angelo was too conservative in his duties. Then he made the trade and you were still upset. Pick which side you want to saddle up on and stay with it. It's really not hard.

You are an idiot with a bully pulpit. That's a problem because you are able to spread your toxic knowledge to anyone whose brain isn't firing on all cylinders, which in turn breeds more meatball Bears fans. Here's hoping the Tribune axes you to save some money in this tough economy.

Speaking of MSM....

Have I missed something here? Ever since the Pisa signing, the MSM has been all over it, from looking at his contract to numerous articles of how excited he is to be a Bear.

MSM, give it up. We realize he's excited to be a Bear. Know why? He could choose where he wanted to go! Write an original history piece or dip into your mailbag once in a while; don't bash us over the head with LTP love. We're excited too, don't worry.

Ranking the MSM members

Writing "The Den" every day and reading the MSM reporter's pieces since I was a young'n gives me some knowledge of what each reporter brings to the table. Here's my list and I'll run through the reasons afterwards:

1. Brad Biggs

2. Jeff Dickerson

3. David Haugh

4. Vaughn McClure

5. Larry Mayer

6. Bob LeGere

7. Steve Rosenbloom

8. Rick Morrissey

Brad Biggs is my hands-down #1. He is an intelligent writer who doesn't write the lame "usual" pieces: He's broken down the contracts of signed players, digs deep for historical relevancy, and he knows the draft.

Jeff Dickerson is a late bloomer on the scene, but I've found him to be similar to Biggs.

Minus the flip-flopping at times, David Haugh is my #3. When he does publish articles, they're well-written and knowledgeable.

Vaughn McClure goes ahead of Larry Mayer because McClure usually writes more often than Mayer does. Plus, Mayer is essentially the Bears PR guy, so that's why he's down at #5. Bob LeGere deserves #6 because he rarely posts. Steve Rosenbloom has been better lately, but he needs some time to jump LeGere. You all know how I feel about Morrissey.

How do you rank those guys? In your opinion, are my rankings completely off-base?

Cretin of the Week


Rick Morrissey. I don't need to go any further.

Last Week's Winner: ESPN