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The Bears Den - 7/1/2009


....hoping that I don't repeat too many already used articles i my first time back with the Den.

In The Den

I think Marcus  Freeman is already beefing up his resume for an unnamed journalism job after his playing days are over.  In addition to his weekly diary which is on temporary hiatus, he is now writing about his experince at the Rookie Symposium.

During an on-line chat Gil Brant, believes the Bears will win the NFC North regardless of whether The Undecided One chooses to play for the Vikes or not.  Brant also says the Bears will go to the "playoofs", making him the latest addition to the WCG House of Typos.

New writer, Jason La Confora, has an article listing how much each team spent in actual dollars versus salary cap money on player costs.  The Bears are 21st at 495.57.

La Confora also has a post listing what he calls"bang for the buck" rankings.  This  how much each team pays per win.  The Patriots are on top at a only 8.41 million a win.   The Bears are 9 at 11.01 million.  It is interesting to see the the top ten teams have the most wins and spend the least while teams like the  Raiders, Lions and Browns have the least amount of wins, yet are paying more.

Article talking about  Rod Marinelli being a stickler for even the smallest detail and how it is paying immediate dividends.

Over at this site they are creating a Bears Ring of Honor.  It will be  interesting to see when they start inducting non-Hall of Fame players.  Neal Anderson best get a nod or I won't keep reading.