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Will The Bears Add Another WR?

Get used to seeing our current WR's, kids.

In Brad Biggs' Four Down Territory, this question was posed: "I am getting tired of watching time go by waiting for the Bears to add a wide receiver before training camp opens. When is it going to happen? It would give you some actual news to write about."

Biggs' response:

Hope you've got extra sand in that clock you're using. Otherwise, might be time to head to the beach and get some more. It looks like the Plaxico Burress issue is dead for the Bears. By pushing off his court case as much as his possible, Burress looks to have really made it more difficult for him to get on the field in 2009. Matt Jones completed a drug court program earlier this month in Arkansas that has reportedly wiped the felony charge off his record. While the Bears are known to have done extensive homework when it comes to Burress, they haven't shown any known interest in Jones. Lovie Smith has stated time and time again that the team is happy with the wide receivers it has. Could a move happen before camp? It's possible and we always appreciate "actual news" to blog and write about. Don't discount the very real possibility (dare we say likelihood) that the Bears go with what they have. General manager Jerry Angelo, no doubt, has an emergency list of receivers but it might take just that--an emergency--before you see a new wide receiver in uniform.

In two words: Not likely.

I know a lot of us have championed the thought of getting another WR before camp (myself included), but it looks like Jerry's happy with the team. Who can blame him? He pulled off a huge deal for Cutler and doesn't feel comfortable mortgaging our future for a WR.

There are other good questions through the article, so make sure you take a couple minutes and read it.