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Time to Point and Laugh: Another Bad Preview of the 2009 Season

That's right kids, another really bad preview of the 2009 season. This one is comical, which is its only redeeming quality.

Mike Tanier of the Fifth Down Blog starts out by giving himself a big ol' pat on the back for the past two years and then proceeds to give us the two surprise playoff picks of this year's season: The St. Louis Rams and the San Diego Chargers.

Yeesh. Come on inside for some analysis.

Where to start....

First, this guy really cherry-picks his statistics.

It turns out that Spagnuolo isn’t the only reason for optimism in St. Louis. Many statistical indicators suggest that the Rams are close to rising again. One is their fumble recovery percentage: the Rams forced 17 fumbles last year but recovered just 5, a sign that with better luck and a dose of Spagnuolo’s coaching, their defense will create a few more turnovers.

The Rams were one of the worst teams in the league in red zone running, and it takes only a slight improvement in that area to make a big difference on the scoreboard. The Rams lost many of their starters to injuries in 2008 and can get better just by getting healthier.

That's very true. However, Orlando Pace and Pisa Tinoisamoa aren't on the Rams anymore and they're still one solid draft away from being good. If the Rams go to the playoffs, I'll issue an apology to Tanier, both on the blog and through email. I feel confident making that assertion because I know I won't have to.

Second, how are the Chargers a surprise to make the playoffs? Didn't they make the playoffs last year?

Am I the only one who thinks this is a little off?