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The Bears Den - 7/13/09


....where Jay Cutler ended all negative connotations of the name 'Jay' (looking at you, Mariotti).

In The Den

Larry Mayer runs through the offensive line preview.

Chicago Sun Times

Brad Biggs discusses KC Joyner's chat regarding Cutler and Matt Forte. Be prepared to lose some brain cells.

Brad Biggs also discusses Football Outsiders' projection of the Bears winning the NFC crown.

Chicago Tribune

Devin Hester held a camp on Saturday afternoon and it looks to be a huge success. There's a couple videos attached to this article, so check it out. 

ESPN Chicago

Clark Judge listed the top ten best backup QB's in the NFL and Rex Grossman made the cut.

Keith Moreland, a University of Texas alum and current color commentator for the Longhorns, gives us the really late scoop on Henry Melton.

Greg Olsen went on ESPN's First Take on Friday morning and scouted the team.

Sean Cassidy believe Cutler's biggest problem is his interceptions.


Steve McNair went out of his way to help Cutler prepare for the NFL.


Jay Cutler has been doing all the right things on and off the field. Thanks for the update, Dan Arkush.

Quad City Times

Gale Sayers has an great message for kids pursuing their dreams.


The fantasy football preview of the 2009 Chicago Bears.

USA Players

The preview of the 2009 Chicago Bears, the Bears schedule, the NFC North in 2009, and, strangely enough, the Week 11 previews for the 2009 season.