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NightLinks: Mock 2010, and A Veteran QB Back on the Market

Not a whole lot going on in the world of the Bears today, unless you are keeping up with the banter between Brad Biggs and KC Joyner.  That aside, tonight features two links for your perusement, with one of them coming from the halls of SB Nation.

In our first link, we get to look at an early version of the 2010 NFL Draft, courtesy of Mocking the Draft.  Of course, it is the first 32 picks, and Chicago doesn't have one, but it is interesting to see what they did with Denver's pick(s), and their pecking order.

5. Seahawks (From Denver)- Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma State

Okung is dominating both as a run and pass blocker. He may need to add some weight, but has the skills to be a very good left tackle in the NFL. The Seahawks need a lot on both sides of the ball, but with Walter Jones nearing the end of his career they need to address the offensive line early in 2010.

28. Broncos- Jevan Snead QB, Ole Miss

The Denver front office is acting like they have their franchise quarter back in Kyle Orton. It won’t take long for them to think otherwise once the season starts. Orton is a game manager, not a playmaker. Denver needs a strong armed signal caller that can get the ball to its explosive receiving combo. Snead showed good ability during 2008 season, and with a strong pro day and a good combine he could make a run to be the first QB off the board. If he falls, Denver will be happy to take him .

The second link isn't big news, but for those of you who have been clamoring for a veteran QB, should Jay Cutler go down, well there is a vet now available (and he probably knows the Bears playbook better than most) pops.

Update 4:02pm PDT:  A friend of mine in Chicago texted me that he heard on a local radio station that a "source" has said that the Bears have already contacted the veteran QB.  I can't find a link, and who knows if this source is legit... any of you heard anything?