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Could This Be Hester's Last Year as a Return Man?


After torching almost every return record in the NFL in his first two years, Devin Hester has seen his effectiveness drop substantially since taking on wide receiver duties.

In this article, Hester says he is willing to give up return duties after he takes care of some unfinished business.

"But with me right now, I feel like at punt returns there are going to be opportunities where we’re going to need big returns,’’ he continued. ``With all the success we’ve had at the return game, it would be real crazy to just give it up now. Plus I’m looking to break this record. In the back of my mind, I’ve got to get this record before I give (punt returns) up.’’

Obviously the Bears need a #1 receiver, and Danieal Manning has shown the ability to take over on returns, which might make this less of an issue if Hester does give up the punts.

What's your take on this?