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The Bears Den - 7/22/09


....where we essentially host the Bears and Vikings SBN blogs.

In The Den


Matt Olsen breaks down the top ten WR's on the Bears' training camp roster.

Chicago Sun-Times

Biggs does some research on how many teams leave their facilities for training camp. The Bears are in the minority. 

KC Joyner came up with some run blocking metrics and Biggs asks him some questions about how high Roberto Garza placed.

Chicago Tribune

Juaquin Iglesias is embracing his role on the Bears. 

10 things David Haugh knows: Haugh believes the TE's and Matt Forte are more important than the WR's.

ESPN Chicago

In part two of a five-part series, Jeff Dickerson breaks down the wide receiver position battle.

Their staff compiled their fantasy risers and fallers. What category did Jay fall into?