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Chicago Bears Wide Receivers: Projected Depth


As we approach training camp, there are plenty of things that are apparent, and plenty of things that aren't.  We know that our WR corp is probably going to be the biggest question mark going into Week 1 of the regular season, but who are the six likely players that will make the final roster?

Here's the current roster:

Devin Hester

Earl Bennett

Rashied Davis

Johnny Knox

Juaquin Iglesias

Derek Kinder

Devin Aromashodu

John Broussard

Eric Peterman

Brandon Rideau

Out of that group, exactly two have ever caught a pass in the NFL, and four are rookies.  What do opposing defenses have to fear from that group?  Besides a little speed, not much.  We have to count on Cutler to make these guys better than they would seem on paper.

Heading into training camp, anything can happen, but Brad Biggs gives us his ideas on the projected depth at the position.

Projected depth chart

WR: Hester, Davis, Knox
WR: Bennett, Iglesias, Rideau

Rag-tag bunch?  Maybe.  I am thinking that whoever starts in the slot will have some pretty good numbers this season, and right now that looks like Davis.  Is it a bad thing hoping that Iglesias beats him out?