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Nightlink III: Glenn Earl Retires


Glenn Earl, we hardly knew thee.  Typically this is a Fan Post waiting to happen, but seeing how I haven't been around a lot lately and as much respect as I have for Jim Johnson, I went full front page post for my numbers and to keep the top story a Bears related one.

Earl considered his future over the course of the past week before making it official Tuesday.

"He's decided to hang it up," Craig Domann said. "He's been dealing with some injuries since he came out of Notre Dame. I think he felt like it was time to move on."

Earl's most recent major injury came in 2006 during preseason when Bears running back Cedric Benson ran him over in a game at Houston. Earl suffered a torn Lisfranc ligament.

I don't know where Earl would have fit in to the depth chart, but with Corey Graham on is way back to cornerback due to the Charles Tillman injury, this makes two hits to an already thin safety crew.