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The Bears Den - 7/30/09


....where we all rits lik we’s Harverd graduits.

In The Den

Cappers Mall

Here are the Bears Super Bowl XLIV odds.

Chicago Sun-Times

Here's a blogger who's also a punter the Bears will sign. 

Catch Lovie Smith's presser on Thursday if you can't wait for the training camp opener on Friday.

Brian Urlacher denied saying Jay Cutler was a pussycat.

Two QB's, two different fates.

Chicago Tribune

Five more Bears on the spot. 

Brian Urlacher denies criticizing Jay Cutler. Does anyone really care?

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere is interested in watching the secondary scramble during training camp. 

ESPN Chicago

Zack Bowman is ready for his chance to possibly win the starting gig. 

Real GM Football

Their 2009 season preview for the Bears.