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The Bears Den - 7/31/09



In The Den

Jay Cutler's not the only Bear player to watch in training camp. Thanks, Larry. 

Marcus Freeman has another entry in his blog. is your one-stop shop for all Bears info during training camp.

Tommie Harris is healthy and ready to roll.

The Bears WR's are ready to prove people wrong.


Somewhat bizarre article, but humorous nonetheless. Check it out.

Chicago Sun-Times

What's Tom Thayer looking for in Bourbonnais? 

Dah Mah Nah believes Urlacher is just jealous of Cutler.

Everyone's checked in and ready to roll in Bourbonnais.

Lovie Smith is adamant that Michael Vick deserves a second chance.

Brad Childress weighs in on the Wade - Urlacher - Cutler controversy.

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Chicago Tribune

Signs of discourse on the Bears?

Steve Rosenbloom LOVES the controversy between Urlacher and Cutler. 

Alex Brown is planning on giving fans an inside view of training camp. Check this out.

Devin Hester finally acknowledged that the WR's have a lot to prove.

Vasher has to return to his intercepting form.

The Bears are putting the Cutler - Urlacher controversy behind them. Snore.

Jay Cutler addresses the whole saga between him and Brian.

Marcus Harrison is a wee bit overweight.

Dan Pompei gives Bears negotiator Cliff Stein his due.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere correctly points out that Urlacher and Cutler don't have to get along. 

LeGere also wonders why there's no interest in Vick?

Lovie insists there's no rift between Urlacher and Cutler.

Real Football 365

This author believes that the Bears defense is key to success in 2009.

USA Today

Are the Bears turning into the Dallas Cowboys? Duh.