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The Weekend Bears Den - 8/1/09



In The Den

670 The Score

Laurence Holmes offers his thoughts on the first day of training camp.

Urlacher: This is the best Bears team since I've been here.

Devin Hester was excited to start training camp.

Here's some more videos from training camp. (Helmet tip: smudgers)

Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears signed former Texas P Richmond McGee.

Urlacher and Cutler were all buddy-buddy during yesterday's training camp.

The Bears are shrugging off the Cutler fight. Duh.

Brad Biggs wants to know one thing: Which newcomer (minus Cutler) are you excited to see?

Danieal Manning is ecstatic about returning to free safety. The rest of us aren't.

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Chicago Tribune

Dan Pompei is in full-on Cutler alert. Check this out.

Here's some pictures from yesterday's session.

Here's a video from yesterday's session.

Five more Bears on the spot.

Danieal Manning cramped up a little yesterday, but should be fine for today's session.

Here's some more observations from the first training camp practice.

Vikings 1st-round pick Percy Harvin was a no-show at Vikings camp.

Tommie Harris had some interesting thoughts on the defense and whether or not their time is running out.

Daily Herald

Take a look at this article about how many people were at training camp this year.

Barry Rozner: The real Bears story in 2009 starts in the trenches.

ESPN Chicago

Matt Forte and Kevin Jones might be in the backfield at the same time this year.

Jay Cutler finally got a taste of the craze that we all have surrounding his arrival.