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Can We Get A Gag Order on Cutler?

The Denver Broncos seem to be having potentially one of the worst off-seasons off all time.  They let their long time head coach go, they got rid of their starting Pro Bowl QB, and their starting wide receiver not only doesn't want to be there, but can't get back on the field.  They can't quite seem to get anything right, but there is one thing they have gotten correct:  they have shut up.  They just aren't talking about any of it.  This seems to be an approach the Bears need to take with Jay Cutler. In a recent interview, he classified the Broncos fans as a 6 and the Bears fans as 9. Now he is back tracking.

And Cutler's now trying to clarify that, by saying that Broncos fans are a "6", he wasn't saying that Broncos fans are a "6".

In other words, he was confirming Brian Urlacher's alleged assessment of him.

"Denver's got great fans," Cutler said Saturday, according to the Associated Press.  "I wasn't saying anything about their fans."

"I was saying stuff about our camp at Bourbonnais and just how expansive it is and how much money and effort and energy they put into it down there," Cutler said.  "We get 11,000 fans on a Saturday.  If it wasn't for the fans coming out like that, we wouldn't have to have such a big camp.

"Every NFL team has great fans.  That's why the NFL and football is the No. 1 sport in this country, because the fans are great everywhere we go."

There are people out there that are looking for a good story and they are going to try to bait  Cutler into talking bad about his old team.  He either needs to not talk about them or just answer every question with "Denver is a great team with great fans!" and just leave it like that.