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NightLink: What’s Up With The Rest Of The NFC North?

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Oh look, something else the Bears are better than Green Bay at.  Their #1 draft pick is still unsigned.  Too bad...

Looking for that motivational guest speaker to talk to the team before practice?  When you have as storied a history as the Packers you obviously turn to ...  Mike Tirico?


No starting QB listed for the Vikings?  I guess that's what they deserve for their Favre flirtation.

Viking rookie playmaker Percy Harvin is looking good.  But he got hurt in a 7 on 7 drill (non-contact), when two teammates sandwiched him.  Awwww....

Wondering about the Lions...  me either, but after the jump take a look anyway... 


At least it's not all bad news in Detroit .  Someone wants to play there.

No more rookie hazing in Detroit?  Say it ain't so!  I guess when your hazing gets away from the embarrassing singing, the carrying of the veterans bags, and the harmless tied up to a goal post gag, and you have to run a gauntlet like this;

After being clubbed with things like Styrofoam hangers, there was one final challenge: a linebacker armed with coins, batteries, bottles, whatever he had that could hurt.

 I could see why the change was made.