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The Bears Den - 8/14/09


....where dogs all around Chicago just breathed a sigh of relief.

In The Den

670 The Score

Laurence Holmes discusses what is really important this season.

Jay Cutler is interested to see how the receivers fare on Saturday. 

Corey Graham is excited to head back home to face the Bills.

Chicago Sun-Times

Hanie and Basanez need to provide adequate backup for the Bears. 

Chicago Tribune

Michael Vick was in Chicago teaching children about the evils of dog fighting. 

The Bears organization is not interested in Michael Vick.

Wednesday's practice saw the receivers drop a handful of Cutler's throws.

Michael Gaines set aside his songbook for his playbook.

Video from Thursday night's practice.

Five Chicago Bears who need to play well on Saturday night.

Danieal Manning is doubtful for Saturday night.

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Daily Herald

Lovie believes that Michael Vick deserves a shot to play in the NFL. 

Here's Wednesday's Cutler watch.

Hunter Hillenmeyer is fighting to make the roster.

ESPN Chicago

Five players to watch against the Bills. 

One player is missing and there are three jobs to fill.